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The beach of Agadir is the image of the city: very clean and white. If you want to take a nap, this beach is the perfect place. In addition, she is very well monitored! A walk by the sea will do you the greatest good! This is an opportunity to stretch your legs to feel the wind and sea air iodized. Also, you will be impressed by the number of joggers or people playing sports on the beach!
The Kasbah or Casbah of Agadir is a fortress built in 1540 to protect Agadir from possible invasions, especially from the Portuguese.

This majestic site of more than 260 meters overhangs the city and offers a unique panorama on Agadir. The place is ideal for a day trip and to enjoy beautiful sunsets.

The souk of Agadir is the largest urban souk in Africa. It has more than 3,000 shops and is open 6 days a week! It is only closed on Mondays to be cleaned.
The fishing port of Agadir is one of the largest in Morocco. It plays an important role for the regional economy and if it was once dedicated solely to fishing, it has now become an important port complex with many shops.
South of Agadir is the Souss-Massa National Park which covers 33,800 hectares. It is known worldwide for its rare birds like the bald ibis or the white spoonbill. In the park are also seven Berber villages. If you love birds, do not miss the bird valley. This 2.5-hectare animal park is also home to rare birds and mammals. It’s a good idea to spend a nice day with your family.